Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Premier Classe and Cape Town, End of the trip

This photo should be at the end.....looks like gay boy leaning against the roller. Rolls Royce is the hotel taxi and took me to the airport for the journey home
Top of Table Mountain, photo should be with others below

Double-headed again!

Premier Classe train is the cheap alternative to the more famous "Blue Train" and goes from Joburg to Cape Town (Blue Train goes from Pretoria) The Premier Classe is 120 pounds and Blue Train, 1000. It's a 24 hr journey. The only difference is the Blue Train is more modern and you probably get free drinks throughout the journey. Our train had complimentary drinks when you boarded and great dinner, breakfast and lunch, and comfortable accommodation. I wouldn't go on the Blue Train on principle, talk about taking the piss.Apparently the Blue Train is running a third full at the moment-Premier Classe, full (95 passengers). Most were Afrikan, 2 Norwegian, 2 Lithuanian, and as far as I could tell, 1 Brit. All passengers white and all staff (apart from boss man) black. Still the same old South Africa. The Afrikans reminded me of the American tourists I met in Argentina/Chile; loud, insular and abrupt with the staff. But at least the women didn't have funny faces due to cosmetic surgeryAnyway, it was only a brief visit to Cape Town, but I've got to come back here again; I've fallen in love with the place-it's fabulous!

Better get to the airport-BA flight to Heathrow- day 42, it's all over!

My own little compartment

and again

These lovelies looked after me

Speeding out of Joburg. Crooked grin makes me look like I've had a stroke. I haven't babe, honest!

Stopped about 100 miles outside Joburg and saw thius. What a lucky boy I am

My drinks mans

My drinks man takes a photo

Entering West Cape and the main wine producing area of South Africa, after a comfortable night's sleep

Shanty town outside Cape Town. Remind you of somewhere? Yes, you've got it.......Didcot!

View of Table Mountain as train nears Cape Town

Roof of "Village Lodge" where I stayed for the night. Had it's own little swimming pool

Victoria and Alfred, yes Alfred Dock, trendy area with cafes, bars etc

Bottom of cable car station, Table Mountain

View at top of Table Mountain

View across to Cape of Good Hope

Can't think of a better location of any other city in the world

Trip back to city centre- Camps Bay- for the rich only

New football stadium nearing completion for world cup next year

Bit of Art Deco

Street scene


  1. All over Pete - what wonderful memories you have though. Hope you had a good journey back.

    A x

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